Jackson’s African Safaris consider safety as our our principal concern for all guests. All activities are planned carefully ensuring your safety is considered as a first priority. However, wild animals can be unpredictable and therefore any activity associated with them carries an element of risk. Just like driving a car, flying in an areoplane and riding your bike.

Walking in the African bush, driving in wildlife areas and canoeing on rivers is a specialist exercise and guides are trained and licensed specifically for these activities. Firearms are carried as a precaution when walking in some countries, but not all, these details are clearly presented to you during our consultation with you and your decision making period. We remind visitors that the essence of every activity, on all safaris, in all places, is to provide a thrilling experience and never fear or discomfort.

Jackson’s African Safaris plan custom tours to suite the abilities, needs and desires of all members of your group.  Generally groups are made up of  ‘you’ and ‘your family/friends’, so it is easy for us to ensure we have everyones needs met in the safari ‘design’ process.  On a group departure where you don’t know your group members, it’s important you know what you have signed up for, in regards to your level of health and fitness.  Our consultants will be asking lots of questions, to ensure you have made the very best choices possible for yourself.

Malaria prophylactics are encouraged, as is any personal medication that one could require once on safari. Personal medical insurance is essential.  Visiting your travel doctor is one of our first instructions to you upon booking your safari.

We do offer tours for those with special needs. When required vehicles and accommodations are chosen that have wheelchair access and have all the needs required for a successful safari for someone with a physical challenge.  Please ask us for more details, as we operate game viewing vehicles designed for wheelchairs and other special options for kidney dialysis, oxygen users and for the hard of hearing and loss of sight.

We work closely with you during your preparation period, so you are fully prepared for your safari upon departure.