Are you a Twitter or a Twitcher?

That is the question nowadays. Actually, whether your looking for a relaxed holiday which focuses on birds and their habitats, or an active safari exploring many birding hotspots to check off your life lists, we will be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs and requirements.

Jackson’s African Safaris ornithology/bird watching safaris and specialist guides that accompany you, focus on providing all clients with the finest planned itineraries, designed around the specific interests and needs of you and your groups goals and the species targeted.

An important factor in a birding tour is the guide, who has the skills and knowledge to find the birds when possible, and give you a sound knowledge on the fuana and flora in which these species live. The guide is the most important part of your tour. We enforce designing tours with proper time permitting actually finding the species you came so far to see on your wish list.  To rush from place to place, having only just arrived,  yet again an hour before sunset, hoping to find the bird you have come so far to see, is a mistake so many people make, and to which Jackson’s African Safaris does NOT make.  Naturally, no species can ever be guaranteed. We will however give you a list of common birds, and a list of those we will need to give a little extra effort to find.

Jackson’s African Safaris tries to encourage guests to spend time walking in areas that are safe, where one can listen, seek out, and discover the birds. From experience, we find we do see, hear and become far more aware of many more birds, simply by being out of the car, and on the ground.  Walking safaris are a very popular way of birding in South Africa and Botswana.  Today, in Kenya and Tanzania, birding on foot is becoming more and more popular.

Contact us and we will provide you with an updated list of birding tours that are departing in your time of availability. Or, you can give us details of your destination of interest, and the size of your group if a private custom tour is your preference, and we will design the tour accordingly with a guide to meet your requirements.

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Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson