Whatever your challenges and disabilities physically, Jackson’s African Safaris can take care of you with specially trained guides and vehicles, equipped as required for wheel chairs and medical equipment, and even for those seniors who are looking for a little more care and support.

Taking care of Mobility Impairment, Hearing Disability, Visual Impairment, Oxygen Users, Kidney Dialysis and more…   We have a range of options to choose from where you can join others with the same or similar needs or arrange a custom, private safari for you and your family/friends.

Mobility Impairments
Africa is truly accessible with Jackson’s African Safaris. Whether you use a cane, crutches, have a slight limp, use a manual wheel-chair or permanently use an electric chair, we can show you many destinations throughout Southern Africa, that were never before thought possible. Your disability whatever it may be, should not influence your dream safari experience.

Hearing Disabilities & Visual Impairment
No matter the degree of your visual or hearing disability, a tour or safari is possible under the care of our carefully planned itineraries and experienced guides.

Safaris for the visually and hearing-impaired clients are designed in order to create an informative all-round experience very much different to your mainstream safari.  We have aspired to interpret the African wildlife experience, to those with visual and hearing impairments, in a unique way. We use descriptive, explanation techniques, to paint visual pictures, enhancing any wildlife sighting experience. Where it is safe to do so, we exit the vehicle, to touch, smell and/or feel, anything of interest. Combined, these senses will provide a far superior experience for an individual, who is only relying purely on vision or hearing.

On traditional safaris, we often stop, to listen, with our eyes closed – this enlightens a new world to those with sight, showing how much those with sight depend on it.  The sound of Africa at night, is one of the most thrilling experiences for those with heightened listening skills, due to lack of vision, and to those with vision – Africa at night is full of new and interesting sounds.  We work in detail to ensure you satisfy all your concerns during the design process.  For those with hearing loss; it is touch, feel, smell and visual stimuli of all that moves is our focus.  We are aware of your needs and work hard to ensure your concerns are addressed and addressed to your satisfaction.

Oxygen Users
Safaris and tours throughout South Africa for individuals who require oxygen to be available either on a permanent, or semi-permanent basis is not a problem. Oxygen is a logistical need, easily overcome, and should not be a limiting factor on your travel arrangements.

Kidney Dialysis Users
Kidney dialysis users can travel to South Africa with confidence.  These tours are designed around various dialysis centers country wide. You can enjoy an unrestricted holiday, with your friends or family, as medical care in South Africa is of First World Standard, and all dialysis centers used are of this high standard.  Kidney Dialysis is a big part of your life and we want to make sure you have every opportunity to travel and see Africa.

Contact us with your specific needs and we will suggest appropriate tours for you, and those that depart with people with the same challenges as you if you want company of others.

Your personal needs are kept confidential. We look forward to working with you, making your tour a safe, comfortable, and memorable one.

Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson