Jackson’s African Safaris clients, on a weekly basis, approach us with children of various ages, from under 1 years of age to ‘big kids’, who are now bringing their parents along on a safari.

We are always excited about travelling with family groups, and how exciting it is to have children on board and maybe even grandparents?  A real treat for everyone; children notice things, that we, as adults, seem to walk right by.

Having children on a safari, is the most satisfying of jobs you can imagine. With a personal history in education, Timothy Jackson the pioneer of Jackson’s African Safaris knows how much a safari can change the lives of families and children.  Now with many families joining safaris, it is our ability to consult with you, work with you, communicate with you, and find a solution that works for YOU and your family/group, that has given our company the merit, in the planning of family safaris making it one of our largest departments today.

Planning a tour for a family, is a process, which we carefully guide you through, one step at a time. We have guests willing to talk with you about their experiences. Due to the nature of some safaris, there are age limits for some activities and for some camps that have age restrictions. It is in the process of working with us, that we will open the doors for you, to know what is possible, given your family make up; in age, interests and all the wonderful dynamics that make up a family.

One especially important ingredient in a successful family safari, is the ability of the guide, to engage, and stimulate, positive interaction within a family, and get the guests involved, and to feel welcome. This is something, I have spent many months over the years, talking about with our partners.

For more information, on what we feel are the best options for you and your family, please contact us.

Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson