Jackson’s African Safaris Fly-in Safaris; A safari using light aircraft, to fly you into camps from either an international or regional/domestic airport or landing strip. Some upmarket camps are fly-in only, especially when visiting very remote areas. Camp airstrips are usually made of dirt and gravel. The cost of a fly-in safari is not always more than driving in, for if the location requires an extra overnight, plus vehicle and driver, this can add up to more than the cost of flying in. We review these options with you as we design the safari.

Examples:  Sometimes, to access an area that would normally take 1/2 days to drive to, you can save not only time, but also money.  Driving to Amboseli NP in Kenya, from Nairobi, is a 5-hour drive, you can fly there on a fly-in package, maximizing your time in the park and saving money.  The downside is you would not keep the same guide for your safari duration.  Having the same guide, allows you to develop a relationship with the guide and they will get to know you, your needs, what you have seen, what you like and do not etc.  Jackson’s African Safaris has some control over the guiding standards when using camp and lodge guides.  When we use our guides, we know well, we stand behind their professionalism and expertise.  Even at ‘upmarket’ camps, one can have a bad experience with a camp guide…  Again, we educate you on the pro’s and con’s in every decision you make.

Clients who do want the same guide and also want to fly-in can, we will discuss the options with you of how this is done.  This generally requires the camp or lodge taking care of some of the transfers while your guide drives to the next camp.

Let us advise you on the best options and choices based on your needs.

Fly-in safaris are available all over Southern and Eastern Africa.  It might interest you that Maun Domestic Airport in Botswana is the busiest small aircraft airport in the world.

Please contact us to learn more.

Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson