If you live in a mud hut, beware of the rain.
– Botswana Proverb

Botswana is an arid environment that depends highly on the rains each year to provide grazing for its wildlife and cattle. Desert antelope like the gemsbok and springbok survive well in these dry harsh conditions.

Consider timing your trip to hit the migration of zebra in the Kalahari region during the rains. At this time of year, November through March, the Makgadikgadi Salt pans turn into salty shallow lakes, reflecting like mirrors the cumulus clouds above, creating surreal landscapes.

Unlike most rivers, the Okavango River stops its journey inland and never reaches the sea, creating the unique Okavango Delta. As the river fans out over a vast flat area of desert, it creates a rich wildlife oasis unlike any other; well-known areas that include the delta and the surrounding land are Moremi Game Reserve, Linyanti & Kwhai.  Most of these areas are broken into concessions, that different camps pay to use on leases, for example the Kwando Concession.

The Okavango Delta has many Islands & water channels; many camps are located on these larger Islands and have airstrips.  Most activities are more focused on the water with Power boats, Mokoro’s (carved dugout canoes) & some walking.  The large islands such as Kings Island, have game drives as well.  The camps on the perimeter of the delta, can combine the water activities with game drives.  You would need to establish how much of a water/delta experience you wish to have.

The animals of the Kalahari have evolved to live parts of the year without water. Even large mammals like the brown hyena, gemsbok and springbok, can live without drinking water for months on end – they draw all their water from moisture on and in their food. We’ll help you choose the right time of year to find all the wildlife that interests you including meerkats, brown hyena, and a great variety of insects and birds, based on your wishes.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
– Henry Miller

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