The purpose of each destination page is that it’s simply a tool for us to use with you while discussing your adventure, or for you alone while you discover the destination for yourself. We have chosen to provide a list of the major parks, game reserves, conservancies, farms and other points of interest, linked to Wikipedia in many cases, or to an organization’s website, to help provide easy access to information, and to support our discussions. There is always more, so don’t hesitate to ask about one you have heard about that you don’t see listed. We don’t want to overwhelm you. Here is our list of destinations:

East Africa:  Ethiopia | Uganda | Rwanda | Kenya | Tanzania
Southern Africa:  Malawi | Zambia | Zimbabwe | BotswanaNamibia | South Africa

Other African Destinations you can talk to us about; Morocco, Tunisia, Chad, Gabon, Mozambique, Angola, DRC, Congo

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