What is a private safari?
A private safari is ‘generally’ speaking a family or group, with their own private vehicle and driver, for the duration of the safari.  Naturally, the accommodations would have other guests staying at the same time.  We do have guests who will book a whole camp for themselves.

Private safaris are designed based on your personal interests and needs, the number in your group and the choices you make in the design process; such as the types of accommodation, which to a large extent determines the tour price, to the places you visit and what you wish to be included.  This is a simple process, to which we lead you through one step at a time.

If your wanting a private safari and ‘exclusive’ camps, be sure you communicate this very clearly.  A mobile safari for example, using private campsites can be more affordable, but not always, affording exclusivity at an affordable price today is not always easy.  A permanent tented camp booked privately, will be very costly to most travelers.  We work through the process of education ensuring you know exactly what your booking and paying what you are.

Private Vehicles:
If your flying into a camp, then you will need to decide if you wish to pay extra for a private vehicle for your group, or if you’re going to choose potentially for another single person, couple or more joining you on the camp shared vehicle.  This is a decision you will need to make ahead of time.  You will not be able to decide when at the camp, as the lodge organizes how many guides are required and prepares the right number of vehicles ahead of time.  Consideration should be taken as to how important it is for you to have a private vehicle.  Perhaps you will not like the group that you have to join, or on the other hand they may become your best lifelong friends?  Perhaps there will be no one in camp, but you still need to choose ahead of time, if you want the private vehicle, there are no refunds if the camp is empty.  There are always pro’s and con’s you need to consider.  If your group is 6 or more, you don’t need the private vehicle fee most of the time.

Jackson’s African Safaris work very closely with you to ensure you make the right decision based on your goals and budget.  Ultimately, these are all your decisions.

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Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson