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By travelling we have an impact on the environment.  Our goal is to leave Africa in better shape than we found it after every trip.

Jackson’s African Safaris says 10% of what you pay goes directly back into Conservation.  Our wish is to ensure the choices we make for your safari are educated ones.  We decide together where this 10% goes.  We have our current relationships; however, you may have a special project where you want this money to go to?

Lastly, we believe every trip should be carbon off-set with community tree planting projects.  We have suggestions of projects we currently use for this purpose.

We look forward to creating your trip where it leaves a positive legacy where everybody wins.

We are happy to discuss this further with anyone should you have questions. We believe it is our moral obligation and important we do our part.

In Trust, & thanks,
Timothy Jackson

Artists for Conservation Foundation Fundraiser Safari

October 15th, 2020|

A Safari to Kenya where 10% of the price you pay goes directly to benefit Conservation! Att: Artists, photographers and conservationists interested in traveling to Kenya in March or November 2021.  We have 7 registered guests for March 2021 to date.   Join internationally renowned artist; Gregory Wellman and Owner of Jackson's African Safaris; Timothy Jackson, on an expedition and raise funds for two conservation organizations – Artists for Conservation Foundation and Soysambu Conservancy. This is AFC's second safari fundraiser organized by Timothy Jackson from Jackson's African Safaris to [Read more...]

Soysambu Conservancy

March 24th, 2020|

History Timothy Jackson first stayed on Soysambu Ranch in the year 2000, his first-ever visit to Africa, he stayed with the then farm manager Renaldo Retief.  This visit on Soysambu Ranch was one of several stays on different farms in the Rift Valley, a wonderful way to be introduced to Kenya.  In 2018 when Timothy started forming the relationship with the Artists for Conservation Foundation, Soysambu, now a Conservancy since 2007, was one of their benefactors, mainly pioneered via one of their member artists, Guy Combes. In the creation of our first fundraiser [Read more...]

Lewa Conservancy

November 25th, 2016|Tags: , , , |

As a privately run, non-profit organisation, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya has become renowned worldwide for its innovative and highly successful conservation strategies. Lewa’s success relies on the support of communities, businesses and like-minded people. Without the generosity and vision of our past and present supporters, Lewa would not be what it is today. Without future donor funding Lewa cannot continue to operate. How Can You Help?  Start by subscribing to their Newsletter and learn more about their projects, ultimately what happens at Lewa effects us all, wherever we live. Subscribe to Lewa [Read more...]

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