The Gifted Land – Let your visit leave a legacy that celebrates a new era of tourism.

Ethiopia is a country of breath-taking scenery that changes constantly as you travel and it is the Ethiopian people whom truly round out the character of this intriguing land, with their deep rooted hospitality, religion, diverse culture and always smiling faces, they will give you the welcome any guest to Ethiopia deserves.

Experience geological formations varying from 116 meters below sea level (380 ft) at the radiant sulfuric inferno Danakil depression in the Afar region to the alpine moorland peaks that rise to 4550 meters (almost 15,000 ft) at Ras Dejen in the ruggedly carved Simien mountains.  The world’s most phenomenal Great Rift Valley cuts Ethiopia into two parts, hosting an astonishing array of wildlife, many of which are endemic, such as the Gelada Baboons & the Simien Wolf.

Many visitors know Ethiopia for its splendid rock-hewn churches and colorful ceremonies, symbolic of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  Perhaps best known are Lalibela’s amazing group of rock churches, often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World, but equally wondrous are the Churches carved into Cliff-side crevices in the mountains of the Tigray region; often reached only by the most determined and devout.  On the way to the Simien Mountains discover the Castles of Gondor, where you would think you’re visiting some Roman Castle in Medieval Britain – Ethiopia is rich, just like it’s coffee, and the ceremonies that celebrate it!

A coffee and love taste best when hot.
– Ethiopian Proverb

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