Jackson’s African Safaris has a proven procedure ensuring your 100% ready to depart on your trip of a life time to Africa.

Tipping is very subjective and once you have booked your safari we provide you with an information document that includes tipping guidelines.

  1. Invoice for deposit.
  2. Safari registration form.
  3. Registration form requests details about your personal health (allergies, diet, emergency contact details etc) to be shared with your accommodations, guides and support team.
  4. Signing of the Terms & Conditions confirming you understand all the terms of your African adventure booking, and the responsibility you are taking in joining a safari.
  5. Travel insurance information.
  6. Confirmation of rooming list.
  1. Acknowledgement of deposit payment.
  2. Essential information (in the form of preparation packs) for your adventure based on the country you’re visiting.  
    This is created for our guests to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey and provides the majority of all the planning information you need to know.  Exceptions would be simply specifics to your custom trip.
  3. Any specific points we need to bring your attention for your trip.
  1. Final invoice for payment sent out and due 75 days before departure in full.
  2. Health & Medical – check.
  3. Tourist Visa – check.
  4. Travel Insurance – check.
  5. Confirm any domestic flight weight restrictions – check.
  6. Packing list questions – check.
  7. Final payment acknowledgement upon receipt of funds – check.
  8. Update on Safari as required – check.
  9. Confirm Balloon Safari if applicable & any other extras – check.

Phone call arranged – Items that will be covered in our conversation:

  1. What could go wrong?
  2. Emergency contact numbers
  3. Luggage tags
  4. Document copies
  5. Tipping guidelines
  6. 3rd world memo
  7. Code of ethics
  8. Final itinerary
  1. Welcome home message
  2. On-line feedback and safari evaluation form link
  3. A planned phone call to discuss your feedback and experience once your settled back at home.