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About Timothy Jackson

Timothy started his love of Africa and nature as a child growing up on a Dairy/sheep farm in rural England. At age 7, Robin & Pat Morgan retired next door to Timothy from Kenya having farmed in the Kenyan Highlands and lead safaris throughout Eastern Africa. This connection started the ‘safari bug’, that has now become a way of life for Timothy and to which he is most thankful.

At age 14, Timothy’s parents moved to British Columbia, Canada. The Morgan’s put Timothy in touch with The Hopcraft family living in BC, who had also moved away from Kenya; John Hopcraft was born and raised on one of many colonial farms from the 1920’s onward surrounding Lake Nakuru. In the years that followed, John and his wife Sandy worked closely with the World Wildlife Fund, Roger Troy Peterson and others to purchase all the farms around the lake, to then hand this land to the government to be turned into the National Park that it is today. It is these ‘connections’ that continued to inspire Timothy on his path to this very day.

Timothy has spent nearly 4 years of total time ‘on safari’ with clients, taking part in formal training and ‘on site’ inspections of camps over the last 16 years, visiting nearly every major National Park in Southern and Eastern Africa.  A great privilege as Timothy often points out, with much thanks to the camp owners & friends for supporting his learning and education!

Timothy is a partner of Jackson’s African Safaris (Pty) Ltd – a South African based and registered safari company.

Timothy spends time leading tours each year and the rest of the time at home in Nelson, B.C. Canada.


Timothy has a background in agriculture & education, with 8 years teaching in the classroom, where he learned the art of living a life, of life-long learning. Undertaking formal field & trails guide training in South Africa and many cherished expeditions, primarily in Africa, leading his clients and guests, certainly makes for an exciting life, that Timothy is most thankful for.  Timothy notes how his company is built by his clients and friends – sharing the word, this he is most thankful for.

Timothy looks forward to working and traveling with you, on your trip of a lifetime!

If you wish to talk with Timothy about the tours he will be leading, please either use our contact form to the right, or email him directly at [email protected] and Timothy will be notified to contact you very promptly.

While in Canada Timothy can be reached on his cellular phone: +1 (250) 509 – 1039.

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