Still have some questions? Check through these frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

Jackson’s African safaris design custom safaris, designed for just you and your group and we also advertise specific trips that we lead and host.  Our standard group size for trips we lead is 8 and less.

If you are booked into a camp as a couple, or a group of 4 for example, unless you have paid for a private vehicle, you will share the vehicle with other guests in camp.

We now have some yearly set-departure feature safaris & tours lead by professional photographers and wildlife specialists that are open to booking by the general public, where again we aim towards 8 participants.

There are some activities and some camps that do have age restrictions.  This can be due to safety; eg walking in the bush is not suitable for those under 12 years of age.  Gorilla trekking is for those 15 years of age and older.

Some camps are adult only.  We are very familiar with the needs of children and know well the family friendly camps.  Designing a family friendly safari is easy, just as it’s easy designing a tour for adult orientated camps with no children.  This is our work – designing a tour that is right for you and your family/party.  When in doubt, ask an expert!

Tipping is very subjective and once you have booked your safari we provide you with an information document that includes tipping guidelines.

1. Any cancellation of a booking by a client or agent, must be in writing and shall only be effective upon its acknowledged receipt by the company. The date on which the company receives the correspondence or a company recognized agent, will determine the cancellation charge, if any.

2. Cancellation charges will be incurred as follows:

All cancellations must be made in writing to Jackson’s African Safaris. Cancellation of your safari will result in the loss of your deposit. After 90 days, cancellation fees are as follows:

90-75 days 50% of tour total price

74-31 days 75% of tour total price

after 30 days 100% of total tour price – No refunds under any circumstances.

Trip cancellation insurance is recommended. There is no refund should you leave the safari early for any reason and no refund for any unused services.

Written cancellation required: Note – Special cancellation fees may apply for 3rd party bookings.

Please see our companies full ‘Terms & Conditions’ for more details.

A 25% deposit secures a booking.  This deposit is held in a trust account.  Some deposits may require to be 30 – 50% depending on the itinerary.  Please check with us.

Final payment to be in our account 75 days prior to safari start date.  You will be invoiced at 90 days before departure.  A late payment can result in your accommodation getting released.

On confirmation of a booking you will be provided details to mail a cheque, make a direct deposit, or wire transfer to our account – Most banks and trusts can perform this procedure. All trips are priced in US$, except South Africa & Namibia listed in the South African Rand and Namibian Dollar, and Madagascar is priced in the Euro.  The US$ is the most widely accepted currency other than local currency within Africa.  We will cover all this with you in our safari briefing.

Note all bank charges are the sole responsibility of the payee not Jackson’s African Safaris.

Africa as many of you will know is a BIG continent, with presently 53 independent countries.

With our clients travelling from so many different countries around the globe, we will advise you what your best options are for your international air routing, once your trip is confirmed.

For all Jackson’s African Safaris guests, safety is our principal concern, whilst on any safari and activity.  All activities are planned carefully ensuring your safety is considered. However, wild animals can be unpredictable and therefore any activity associated with them carries an element of risk. Walking in the bush, driving in wildlife areas, and canoeing on rivers for example is a specialist exercise and guides are trained and licensed specifically for these activities. Firearms are carried as a precaution when walking in most but not all destinations. We remind visitors that the essence of every activity, on all safaris, in all places, is to provide a thrilling experience and never fear or discomfort.

We relate safety in Africa to that of driving your car, riding a motorcycle, or flying a plane, the risk is a calculated one.  In our opinion the risk far outweighs the thrill of being on safari in the African bush.

See “How We Prepare You” for a more detailed list of how we support you before and after your trip to ensure that you have your best experience yet. We also include preparation packs for each country that you’ll visit in Africa, so you have the confidence you need to plan and execute this trip!