Jackson’s African Safaris founder Timothy Jackson has a strong background rooted in education as a school teacher himself for 7 years.  His continued interest & value of quality education did not stop when shifting towards African Safaris, he has visited many international & local schools throughout Africa, including visits to Universities & colleges.

We at Jackson`s African Safaris are inherently interested in providing an on going program of educationally driven experiences; these include wildlife, cultural, & ‘grassroots’ programs where our goal is to provide support to the local communities and villages, as this is directly linked to the survival and existance of wildlife and wild places.  Take care of your people, and nature takes care of it’self.  (If we have enough space!)  There are many programs in place throughout Africa and overseas that directly support projects in Africa, and we have chosen whom to partner with, on an everybody wins model, as described in various parts of our website; two examples are our goal of 10% of your tour price goes directly back into active conservation, and having every trip be carbon off-set from this point forward with new bookings.

Opportunities are endless for schools, colleges, Universities, corporations or for any larger group of people.  119 is our largest group to date.  Leadership is a common theme often explored in all trips.  It is our network, not only in education, but throughout Southern and Eastern Africa, that has allowed us to create suitable experiences for students and businesses of various backgrounds. It is our understanding of the classroom in all levels of education, and our daily dealings with the realities of the business world, especially within Africa, that allows us to know what will work your groups best interests.

Our knowledge of working with schools, colleges, Universities, corporations and businesses, in and out of the classroom, at home and abroad, allows us to consider the best solutions for any given group of students, or in other cases a business team or corporate group looking for a team-building experience.  The sky is the limit.  We take your request most seriously, and know the responsibility you are undertaking in bringing a group to Africa, and to which we are given the responsibility for.

We know, given a chance, we will provide for you a life changing experience, promoting a life of life long learning. This is our personal goal, in everything we do. To create an awareness, an inherent interest and care for the world around us. With the long term wish, that we will inherently care for the earth enough to save it for our grandchildren to enjoy, as we enjoy it today.

Please contact us to learn more.

Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson