The Lower Zambezi National Park is in south eastern Zambia. On the opposite bank is Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park. The two parks sit on the Zambezi flood plain with the backdrop of the Zambezi escarpment on the Zambian side towering above the floodplain, a fantastic place to walk and explore. The park is surrounded by a game management area (GMA), where both animals and people are free to live and co-exist. The attraction of the Lower Zambezi park and its surrounding GMA is its remote location, hard to get at most of the year by road. Daily flights from Lusaka of about 45 minutes take you into the valley. Most large animals live in the floodplain, including buffalo, elephants, lions, leopards and many antelope, crocodiles and hippopotamuses. Elephants in the rainy season move up into the escarpment, and return to the river for the dry season May – October. The elephant paths that navigate up the escarpment are amazing, given the steepness. Walking in the Lower Zambezi is a treat. Timothy Jackson has walked for many hours in this valley and the area remains one of his favorites. When flying in over the Zambezi escarpment and then down into the valley, it is without doubt a magical experience.