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Fatherland, Liberty, Progress

Madagascar has over 1,800 miles of beautiful beaches, exceptionally good food, and a unique flora and fauna are its greatest attraction.

Lemurs: These prosimian primates are found wild only in Madagascar.

Exotic Birds: Five families of birds are endemic to Madagascar.

Rare Plants: Madagascar boasts one of the richest floras in the world with more than 10,000 species of vascular plants, over 80% of which are endemic to the island.

Other Attractions: reptiles (including chameleons, geckoes, turtles and tortoises), amphibians (including brightly colored frogs), beautiful butterflies, moths and stick insects, fantastic coral reefs, whales during the breeding season, and so much more make this a destination of distinction.

In a nutshell, we have found it better to suggest accommodations, that offer good service in prime locations showcasing the above highlights of Madagascar, rather than listing just names of parks and places, as there is little choice in Madagascar, and many places we would not want to recommend unless your a young ‘backpacker’ on a shoestring budget, roughing it.  Below are our suggestions of places to stay where we can be sure you will be well taken care of and hosted to a standard we can stand behind.

What to visit and explore in Madagascar

The following features are found in this bountiful region:

Antananarivo – Pavillion de l’Emyrne

The Pavillion de L’Emyrne has just twelve rooms and is situated in the heart of the old town of Antananarivo. It was originally built as a private residence in the 1930s and is a delightful city guesthouse with its own garden.  In the evening good places to eat are within a short walk away.

Antananarivo – Les Relais des Platea

This 3* hotel is situated close to the airport, providing easy access for scheduled flights departing early in the morning where city traffic could be a concern.  The hotel offers you Malagasy hospitality with comfortable air-conditioned rooms containing a safe, minibar and television, and is set within a wooded park surrounded by numerous exotic scents, palm trees, bougainvillea’s and Jacaranda trees.

Antananarivo – Palissandre hotel & Spa

This 4* hotel is situated on a hill in the heart of Antananarivo, the bustling capital of Madagascar. With its exotic yet elegant rosewood interior, the Palissandre Hotel offers you Malagasy hospitality, with comfortable air-conditioned rooms containing a safe, minibar, satellite TV and telephone. Relax and indulge yourself in the Palissandre Spa including Hammam, gym, swimming pool and a large choice of beauty treatments such as massages, manicure/pedicure, facials and many more.

Mandrare River Camp – South East

Mandrare River Camp is 3hrs 30 mins drive from Fort Dauphin. Enjoy relaxed breakfasts on the banks of the Mandrare river, before embarking on a trip to the sacred Antandroy forest, crossing the river on foot to observe lemurs and many bird species in native forest. You will also be able to see the tombs of the Antandroy ancestors, and your guide will explain in detail about the culture of ancestor worship. Lunch will be served at camp, and there will be time to relax before we depart on an afternoon activity, unless you would prefer to rest at camp [...]

Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge – Coastal South-East

Manafiafy is 2 hrs 30 mins drive from Fort Dauphin.  You drive through plantations of mango, citrus, pineapples and bananas to the ocean coast and Manafiafy.  Situated on a beautiful white sandy bay, fringed with forest covered mountains, the lodge offers barefoot luxury with wildlife and water on our doorstep.  Enjoy the location of the lodge in the later afternoon, as the sunsets over the bay. Some of the options include: Canoeing in the mangroves, early morning boat trips forwetland birding, day and night walks in the rain forest to see five species of lemur, snorkeling in the bay and [...]

Vakona Forest Lodge – Natural Reserve of Andasibe

The drive to Andasibe from Antanarivo is through the green and luxuriant vegetation of the east. This brings us to the humid part of the country with many primary forests and lakes, and the landscape consists of rice fields, waterfalls, and scarce forest stations. Along the way we will see Merina villages in the rocky mountains. It is possible to stop en-route at the Reptile & Butterfly farm, rather run down, finally arriving to Andasibe in the late afternoon generally. In the evening we generally enjoy a night walk within the Andasibe area to observe night active lemurs and other [...]

Anjajavy Hotel – North Western Coastal Madagascar

After taking a flight offering magnificent low altitude vistas of the magical scenery beneath you, you will land on a private runway and be met and escorted to your villas.  Anjajavy is located on the western coast, 120 km north of Majunga. Situated at the end of a peninsula opening onto the “Mozambique Canal”, your view is of white, sandy beaches and a never-ending emerald ocean.  This is the first “Relais & Chateau” property in Madagascar and is ranked by European standards as a 4-star plus establishment, ideal for the demanding ecotourist. The hotel architecture is designed to offer maximum [...]

Isalo National Park

Isalo Rock Lodge is a modern and stunning 60 Room Retreat, positioned high in the Sandstone Mountains, overlooking the Isalo National Park in south western Madagascar.   The views from the lodge are breathtaking. Whilst luxury abounds in the hotel with all modern amenities, Isalo is home to many species of flora and fauna, including, the Giant Chameleon and the renowned Lemurs. The park is known for its wide variety of terrain, including sandstone formations, deep canyons, palm-lined oases, and grassland.  A local guide is required for visitors entering the park.

Les Dunes d’Ifaty

To Tulear, a short 1 hour flight from Antanarivo, you take your transfer to Les Dunes d’Ifaty where en-route you normally arrange a visit to the Arboretum de Antsokay which showcases the bizarre drought resistant flora of the Southern region. A further 90 minutes to Ifaty beach is Les Dunes d’Ifaty Beach Hotel. This is in the most interesting area of spiny bush, early morning excursions to the spiny bush for bottle baobabs, octopus trees, rare birds and more make this a worthwhile addition to your adventure.

Setam Lodge

Setam Lodge is just inside Ranomafana National Park. Each of the 10 bungalows looks out over the rain forest below. This is your only choice for accommodation, for those wishing to visit Ranomafana National Park.  This is not your 4/5 star destination. The Ranomafana National Park was established to preserve two of Madagascar’s endangered lemur species, the golden bamboo lemur and the greater bamboo lemur. So this 40,000 hectare area is great for spotting them.

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Information about Madagascar

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  • Capital: Antananarivo
  • Official languages: Malagasy, French
  • Currency: Malagasy ariary (MGA)
  • Time zone: East Africa Time (UTC+3)
  • Drives on the: right
  • Calling code: +261
  • Motto: “Fitiavana, Tanindrazana, Fandrosoana” – “Love, Fatherland, Progress”
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