Zomba Plateau’s superb mountain views, known as some of the best in Africa, can be experienced when we explore the gardens and forests. Ku Chawe Inn at the top sits in a lovely position, even if your not staying there, we take the time to visit their gardens and enjoy the views while perhaps enjoying some of this mountains locally grown fruit with fresh cream. Local boys sell fruit on the road side, a great selection is available and some of the best tasting fruit we have tasted anywhere. The higher altitude, moist conditions and fairly stable tempretures make this moutain a perfect location for growing fruit, as it is not possible down in the valley bottom. Zomba Forest Lodge and the Trout Farm also offer accommodation and we will help advise what the best choice is for your travel plans. Large pine plantations cover the mountain, and are harvested locally for construction as well as fuel for cooking. Zomba has a busy and active market worth visiting. Zomba is the old Colonial Capital, and many old colonial buildings can be seen. The Botanical gardens are worth a visit and we encourage everyone to explore the many trails througout the mountain with our local guides ranging from one hour to a full days hike. During the warmer seasons, Zomba is a great retreat to find some relief from the heat of the valley below.