The drive to Andasibe from Antanarivo is through the green and luxuriant vegetation of the east. This brings us to the humid part of the country with many primary forests and lakes, and the landscape consists of rice fields, waterfalls, and scarce forest stations. Along the way we will see Merina villages in the rocky mountains. It is possible to stop en-route at the Reptile & Butterfly farm, rather run down, finally arriving to Andasibe in the late afternoon generally. In the evening we generally enjoy a night walk within the Andasibe area to observe night active lemurs and other nocturnal animals.

Natural Reserve of Andasibe
After breakfast, most guests take a morning visit to the Special Reserve of Andasibe, where we will discover the many species dwelling in the forest. In particular, your guide will search for the Indri Indri, the largest lemurs on the island. This 810 ha reserve is unique with its endemic fauna and flora. It contains a wide variety of orchids, canopy, and endemic animals like chameleons, tenrecs, and many birds.
There is an Orchid garden that can be visited, and the Lemur Islands at Vakona Forest Lodge where you can meet the resident Lemurs up close.