Press Release as posted by Team Rwanda Cycling
Written by Kimberly Coats
Director of Marketing/Logistics
Team Rwanda Cycling
We’re teaming up with Jackson’s African Safaris to offer cycling tour packages to benefit and support our work at the Africa Rising Cycling Ctr

Team Rwanda Cycling has risen from non-existent to one of the top national teams on the continent of Africa. TRC is now the number one sports team in Rwanda and heralded by President Kagame as Ambassadors of Rwanda. To showcase the team, the surrounding countryside and the people of Rwanda, TRC hosts cycling tours to introduce the program and country to guests, along with providing for the sustainability of the team and the ARCC.

Timothy Jackson, owner of Jackson’s African Safaris (JAS) understood the importance of the bicycle to people in Africa.  He had witnessed first hand the use of a bicycle to carry goods, water, and people.  During the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda, the bicycle provided an escape.  In March 2016, Mr. Jackson reached out to the founders of Team Rwanda Cycling to discuss a partnership. 

Partnering with Jackson’s African Safaris was important as the company takes the time to educate the traveler how community supported tourism can make all the difference in the long-term health and survival of wildlife, landscapes, and people.

Timothy Jackson recently spoke of the initial idea, “In…2016…I simply planted the seed of creating a program at the center (ARCC) where groups could visit, cycle and participate with the team and any business for safaris anywhere in Africa the team could generate for me, I would share the profits back to their program.  Twenty months later we have formed our partnership to be officially launched this January.”

Kimberly Coats, Director of Marketing for Team Rwanda Cycling was thrilled with the idea of partnering with a safari company. “We have spent many years hosting cycling tours, however, as our first and main priority is the success of the national team, we did not have the personnel or experience to bring in touring companies.  Cycling tourism is important to the sustainability of the team.  By introducing the project to international guests and showcasing the beauty and safety of Rwanda we can assist in supporting the team financially.  More guests coming to Rwanda want to see another side of Rwanda.  Guests love the gorillas, but now they want to stay longer in Rwanda and taking a multi-day cycling tour is the answer.  They can learn the history of the team and be guided by one of our current or former national team members.  This equates to support for the team and personal support for our guides and mechanics.  It is a win for all parties.”

Team Rwanda Cycling and Jackson’s African Safaris are offering an introductory tour of 2 days and a full tour of 7 days.  Guests may choose from road cycling or mountain biking or a combination.  All bicycles within the TRC fleet are top-level carbon frame bikes.  All gear is provided and the guides are trained in mechanics, first aid and “pushing” skills, as Rwanda’s moniker is “Land of a Thousand Hills”.  Guides all speak English and are more than happy to show guests the local villages and people. 

Jackson’s African Safaris has gone one step further in their support of Team Rwanda Cycling, by giving back a percentage of any safaris booked that are referred by our Team Rwanda Cycling network.  This includes safaris for anywhere Jackson’s African Safaris does business in Southern and Eastern Africa.  This generous offer made by JAS is to ensure the continuation of the cycling program in Rwanda.  Jackson’s African Safaris will handle all the details and bookings to ensure the best safari for the guest and Team Rwanda will receive a percentage for referring these clients. 

Please contact Timothy Jackson at [email protected] for more information about booking your cycling adventure and safari.  Set phone appointments via email.  For inquiries in Africa contact David Lynn in South Africa at 27 (0)78 385 1100.

Please contact Kimberly Coats on +1 530 744 8773 or [email protected] if you would like to discuss any aspects of this press release or for more information about Team Rwanda Cycling and our program in Rwanda.

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