A class of students at Lucerne Elementary School, located in New Denver. B.C. Canada, adopted two baby elephants with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust adoption program, in Nairobi, Kenya.
Jackson’s African Safaris shareholder Timothy Jackson, was joined by his mother Nonie Jackson, on a visit to Kenya to experience seeing the country and wild animals whilst on safari.  Their first visit was to the baby elephant rescue center, where she and Timothy adopted their first baby elephants. Nonie was so impressed by the amazing work of the (D.S.W.T) David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, that she decided to put on a video presentation at Lucerne School, and encouraged the teacher of the class where she volunteers to do some fundraising so that the children could adopt two baby elephants. You can learn more about the D.S.W.T. here;

After adopting the elephants, the class were very keen on learning more about Kenya, and the wild animals, so Nonie and the class teacher designed a Kenya project, looking at conservation of Elephants and Rhinos, along with some solutions like community supported tourism.

The following pictures and descriptions give you an idea of the students learning experience, incorporated into the making of a 3D model.  The parents, teachers and students have all appreciated this project and the response was very positive and appreciated!

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