Set in 300,000 hectares of Trust land owned by the Group Ranches from Samburu, Marsabit and Isiolo, the Sera Wildlife Conservancy has a co-tenure agreement with Samburu County Council and the Kenya Wildlife Service. Perennial natural springs at Kisima Hamsini or ’50 wells’ are a remarkable geographical feature and support both resident and migratory populations of wildlife. Large numbers of elephant pass through the area seasonally.

Traditionally pastoralist people have used the area as a seasonal watering point during drought when there is good grazing and water available. The Samburu communities formed the Sera Wildlife Conservancy in 2001 with the long-term aim of linking three historically rival ethnic groups, the Samburu, Borana and Rendille, with a common objective for conservation, development and sustainable use of natural resources within the Sera area.