Set in the Shire Highlands of Southern Malawi, a half hours drive south of Blantyre, Satemwa Tea Esate is a first class destination to be refreshed and renewed after a long journey from overseas. Huntingdon House and Chawani Bungalow offer clients a diversity of luxury and more simple accommodation that we help you choose based on your needs. Built in the early 1930’s, these estate homes of the founder of Satemwa, Maclean Kay, are set in beautiful sprawling gardens that exude the charm and atmosphere of a by-gone era. Chawani is a tea manager’s bungalow overlooking tea gardens with Mount Mulanje in the distance. Located on the slopes of Thyolo Mountain the air is refreshing in the summer months and cool enough for a log fire in the winter.

Tea has been grown in this region since around 1909, the time that Malawi used to be colonized by the British. Upon arriving in Malawi the colonial rulers thought that the weather and climate of Thyolo was ideal for tea growing; therefore they acquired land and over the coming years, many still famous today tea estates were created, including Satemwa. Tea estates are of great importance to Malawi as a whole and a stay at Setemwa is a great start or end to any safari.