The reticulated giraffe, found in northern Kenya, has declined a by perhaps 70% – with only 8,000 to 10,000 estimated to remain in the wild.

NRT (Northern Rangelands Trust) are working with San Diego Zoo Global, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Loisaba Conservancy, Global Conservation Force, Sarara Camp and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to try and reverse this trend. The two-year pilot project – dubbed the Reticulated Giraffe Conservation with Pastoralists Initiative – was launched in Namunyak and Loisaba in May 2016. Its aim is to work with local pastoralists, who come across giraffes on a daily basis, to gather data about their movements, numbers, interactions and behaviors. In addition to gaining a better understanding of giraffe, the pilot will test whether the data can be used by conservancies to help shape overall conservation strategies, and target their support to areas where it’s needed the most. The project also aims to assess local attitudes towards giraffe.

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