Our Motivation

Proving that conservation works

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Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary was founded out of the need to prevent the wildlife in the region from infringing upon the developing communities and vice versa. Enabling this coexistence lies at the heart of the Conservancy’s philosophy, and its success has enabled both wildlife and communities to prosper – we believe that the successful developments of communities and businesses in the region and their safe and successful coexistence with the wildlife in the Conservancy and its adjoining wildlife corridors is proving that conservation works . Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary is very proud of its many achievements, which includes its rhino and Grevy’s zebra breeding programmes, and a general 3-fold increase across all other species. Its next big challenge is its Big Cat breeding programme, and it is looking forward to taking this forward through partnerships, sponsorship and donations.

The Conservancy consists of a fenced area of 12,000 acres and a further 6,000 acres of game corridor and riparian land along the shores of both lakes Naivasha and Oloidien. On both the Northern and Western sides of the Conservancy are community farms. On the South West are pastoralists who keep cattle, and on the South East is Hell’s Gate National park. The game corridor is especially designed, maintained and managed to allow the free and natural roaming of animals between the National Park and the lakes.

Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary constitutes a relatively large wilderness of dry acacia-dominated woodland, riparian woodlands and vast grasslands, broken by a few rugged hills. We take pride in conserving both indigenous and threatened species, providing protected habitats for all species threatened by the ever-growing human-wildlife coexistence. Oseregoni is a vital refuge for wildlife displaced as a result of both human population increases and industrial development, and holds a significant proportion of the region’s wildlife. It is a vital dispersal and geographical migration route for wild animals moving from both Logonot and Hell’s Gate National Parks to access drinking water at Lake Naivasha. 

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