A Unique park as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, based on its wilderness and beauty, with a wide diversity of mammals, bird species and aquatic wildlife. Mana Pools is one of Zimbabwe’s most popular parks, and it is easy to see why it falls into this profile with this great diversity and simply stunning location on the Lower Zambezi floodplain and views over the river to Zambia’s escarpment mountains. The name “Mana” means “four” in local Shona language. This applies to four large pools inland from the Zambezi River. These pools are the remnant ox-bow lakes that the Zambezi River carved out thousands of years ago as it changed its course northwards. Hippopotamus, crocodiles and a wide variety of aquatic birds utilize these pools. You can access this park by road or bush plane and plenty of options exist for a safari of a life time here. A destination that is always rewarding.