Lake Kivu, as one of the Great Lakes of Africa, and indeed the highest on the continent, Lake Kivu is one of Rwanda’s greatest natural treasures and offers visitors an extraordinary experience. Lake Kivu lies on Rwanda’s eastern border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and is part of the Great Rift Valley. It covers a surface area of over 2,700km2 and stands 1,460m above sea level. It also ranks as the fifteenth-deepest lake in the world and contains the world’s tenth-largest inland island, Idjwi. Lake Kivu has gained notoriety as one of Africa’s ‘killer lakes’ thanks to its location along the rift valley and the resulting volcanic activity. The mix of methane and carbon dioxide in the water is believed to have led to massive biological extinctions roughly once every 1,000 years.  Three scenic resort towns line the shores of Kivu and offer visitors a range of relaxing accommodations to take in the sights and sounds of the lake. Whether you choose to stay in Gisenyi in the north, Kibuye further south or Cyangugu at the lake’s southernmost point, you will find yourself with stunning views and the most magnificent sunsets in the country.