Unspoilt landscapes, wildlife and historic Himba culture abound in this wild, remote part of Africa. The Kunene River forms a natural boundary at Namibia’s northern extremity, and here we find one of the country’s adventure centres spoilt with Ruacana Falls, the spectacular Epupa Falls, and the area is an ideal gateway for those setting out to explore the rugged and beautiful Kaokoland region of Namibia to the north-west. Whether your looking for a Himba cultural experience, kayaking, raging white-water action, trekking, hiking or birding… Or, taking life a little easier with some river fishing, the Kunene River wilderness has much to be explored. Timothy Jackson’s Godparents son, Pete Morgan, with his wife Hillary, own and operate Kunene River Lodge. Kaokoland (also called Kaokoveld) is an area in Northern Namibia, in the Kunene Region. It is one of the wildest and less populated areas in Namibia, the most represented ethnic group there is the Himba people, that accounts for about 5,000 of the overall 16,000 inhabitants of Kaokoland. The main settlement in Kaokoland is the city of Opuwo. Kaokoland is one of the wildest regions of Southern Africa, with very few roads and structures. The only road that is accessible to non-4WD vehicles is that connecting Sesfontein and Opuwo. Many roads in Kaokoland are often in very bad condition and may be challenging for 4WDs as well, especially during the rainy season. Most services such as shops, hospitals, garage, and so on are only found in Opuwo. Traveling here does need careful planning.