This speech presented by Prince William, impacts every person on the planet, sooner or later.

We are talking about if the killing of Elephants in the wild continues at the same rate as today, there will be no Elephants left in the wild within 15 years!  And it’s not just elephants, were talking about Rhino and ‘ultimately’ the HABITAT, the wilderness areas that currently act as the earth’s lungs, absorbing at least in part, some of our worlds carbon emissions.  The end result in loosing these species, results in the loss of the habitat, as it will no longer have a value for species, or tourism, and the pressure of over population, cattle and sheep grazing, etc will result in the loss our our earth’s lungs!

William clearly states, this is our one chance, to show we are 100% capable of solving our problems!  This is a global issue, that effects us all.  If the habitat is lost, it is the poor whom will be effected FIRST, and then mass movements of people will increase, effecting everyone, with onward climate change and loss of these last green spaces we all so much need.

This really is the breaking point…  in my opinion, its our ‘one’ chance!