In 2013 I had guests from my hometown in Nelson, BC, that met with me wanting to travel to Africa in January.  They were very limited when they could travel, and as anyone who knows the weather and climate of Southern Africa during January, it’s generally very wet and in the middle of the years rains.  This reality we covered in detail and their desires were to do a walking safari. 
We booked them a stay at Pafuri Camp in South Africa’s Northern Kruger; the Makuleke Concession.  The short story is the week prior to their arrival, rain had been falling all week, a little more than normal, and then once settled in camp, 30cm of rain fell in 48 hours….  the Luvuvhu River started to rise at levels that put the camp in danger, so my guests were moved to a camp at higher ground.  A day later Pafuri Camp was washed away and destroyed.  My guests happy to be in the upgrade on higher ground!
The other destination during their adventure was a walking safari in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.  The package is called ‘Rivers and Rainbows’…  a trip offered by Norman Carr Safaris.  The name reflects the time of year and what to expect.  Rainy season is rainy season!  Good thing they went prepared, however, what can prepare anyone for one of the highest rainfalls on record?  What an adventure they had to start their trip, and Zambia gave them the walking experience they so much wanted.  The camp is now re-built and opened well over a year ago now.  I have had both family and guests stay in the camp and here is the video introducing the new Pafuri Camp just before it opened; note how the local community directly benefit from the camp, one of the many reasons we like to support this area and the camps.