Self-Drive Safaris

The adventure of a self-drive safari is the freedom of direction, time (If properly designed) and letting your wonderlust be your guide.

Self-Drive safaris provide you an itinerary to follow with road directions and suggestions for activities along the way, with all the bookings made for accommodation and anything else you have requested.

Perhaps you are looking for a Land Cruiser to be kitted out for an expedition you have already organized?

Click here to contact us for more info!Detailed information is provided for all our self-drive guests.  24/7 back-up support and phone call support is always available, and solid pre-departure tour planning is provided.  Guests must prepare themselves properly before departure for the self-drive.  The 24/7 contact number is for back-up and emergency only, or if there appears to be an error in the directions we are always happy to help.  The support is not designed to be a ‘guide substitute’ for tips and ideas each day, if you need a guide, then you don’t want to do a self-drive safari.  Jackson’s African Safaris will work closely with you to determine what kind of safari would work well for your needs and comfort levels.

With the right planning, a self-drive safari, is an adventure of a life time providing freedom and privacy, while knowing, should an event take place out of your control, you have support at a phone call away.

Provide us with your desired destination, the number in your party, the number of days, preferred dates, a target budget and we will start the planning process with you.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more!

Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson

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