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Are you a Twitter or a Twitcher?

That is the question nowadays. Actually, whether your looking for a relaxed holiday which focuses on birds and their habitats, or an active safari exploring many birding hotspots to check off your life lists, we will be happy to help you find…

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Jackson’s African Safaris has a strong background rooted in education within international & local schools. We are inherently interested in providing, as with several schools already, an on going program of educationally driven experiences, in everything from wildlife and cultural, and more…

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Escorted Safaris

Jackson’s African Safaris feature tours led by Timothy Jackson or David Lynn.  All these escorted tours and safaris are designed for you to be in the right location at the best time each year, to witness the best that Africa has…

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Jackson’s African Safaris clients, on a weekly basis, approach us with children of various ages, from under 1 years of age to ‘big kids’, who are now bringing their parents along on a safari. We are always excited about traveling with…

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Africa Flying Safaris

Jackson’s African Safaris Fly-in Safaris; A safari using light aircraft, to fly you into camps from either an international or regional/domestic airport or landing strip. Some upmarket camps are fly-in only, especially when visiting very remote areas. Camp airstrips are…

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Get Involved - Make a Difference!

Jackson’s African Safaris would like to introduce you to Fisherman’s Rest. The following will give you an insight to opportunities and vacations in Malawi available through Fishermans Rest.  Fishermans’s Rest work closely with their community in building relationships and supporting projects with the goal of creating bridges that…

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Motocycle and biking tours in Africa have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with many options now available; whether your in for a Cape to Cairo motocycle expedition, or wish for a peaceful, leisurely, roadbike tour around the…

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Photographic Safaris

Jackson’s African Safaris design safaris each year to be lead by professional photographers to several countries and destinations. For our current departures please contact us. Kind Regards, Timothy Jackson

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What is a private safari? A private safari is ‘generally’ speaking a family or group, with their own private vehicle and driver, for the duration of the safari.  Naturally the accommodations would have other guests staying at the same time.…

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Self-Drive Safaris

The adventure of a self-drive safari is the freedom of direction, time (If properly designed) and letting your wonderlust be your guide. Self-Drive safaris provide you an itinerary to follow with road directions and suggestions for activities along the way, with all the…

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Whatever your challenges and disabilities physically, Jackson’s African Safaris can take care of you with specially trained guides and vehicles, equipped as required for wheel chairs and medical equipment, and even for those seniors who are looking for a little more care and support.  Taking care of Mobility…

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Walking Safaris are the most authentic African safari experience available without doubt. As many of our African Team at Jackson’s African Safaris are qualified trails guides, field guides and qualified teachers/educators with our own camps and operations, we are passionate about walking in the…