Past Trips

Zimbabwe & South Africa

Ray & Louise’s Adventure

22nd September - 16th October, 2015 >More Info

An epic ‘First Class’ experience in Zimbabwe and South Africa…  This trip is tough to beat! Thanks to Ray & Louise for sharing some photograph’s below of their trip.  Here are some words they shared with us:  Jackson African Safaris…

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South Africa

Diana Bishop explores South Africa

17th - 23rd January & 28th January - 1st February, 2015 >More Info
Africa June 2014 796 (Small)

This personal tour escorted by Jackson’s African Safaris very own David Lynn, takes Diana on an exploration of South Africa’s Garden Route.  Diana ends her adventure in Kruger; in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve, staying at Kambaku River Sands camp.

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Ethiopia & Tanzania

The Cunningham’s Adventure

16th January - 9th February, 2015 >More Info

This private tour with their own personal tour guide and driver, takes Byron & Pauline into the spectacular scenery Ethiopia is well known for; including the Simien Mountains, the remove villages with Tesfa Community Treks, rock-hewn churches of Tigray and…

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The Super 8’s Epic Adventure

24th September - 06th October, 2015 >More Info
Tanzania, Rwanda & Kenya

Scott & Cindy’s Adventure

18th May - 03rd June, 2015 >More Info
Zimbabwe & Botswana

Gary & Christie Wright

11th - 22nd March, 2015 >More Info

Zimbabwe Private Tour

2nd - 12th October, 2014 >More Info
South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana

Bio Agri Feeds Adventure 2014

September 21st - October 1st, 2014 >More Info
South Africa

Randy & Allandra’s Adventure

10th - 26th March, 2014 >More Info
Madagascar & South Africa

Ymalay’s and Dorado’s Adventure

20th April - 10th May, 2014 >More Info
Tanzania, Zimbabwe & South Africa

Danny & Linda’s Adventure

18th June - 2nd July, 2014 >More Info

The Johnson’s Family Safari

26th June - 6th July, 2014 >More Info

Hans & Daisy Kopera

14th November - 10th December, 2013 >More Info
Kenya, Zambia & South Africa

Caton’s, Wiseman’s & King’s

3rd - 28th September, 2013 >More Info

Migration Safari

15th - 25th February, 2014 >More Info
South Africa

South Africa

7th - 20th October, 2013 >More Info
Kenya & Zambia

Ray & Kay Christenson’s Safari (x7)

June 8th - 24th, 2013 >More Info

Jodi Shelkie & Marian Oden

February 12th – 26th, 2013 >More Info

Tom & Sharon Wise

28th February - 12th March, 2013 >More Info
Botswana & South Africa

Michael, Mary & Nathaniel

24th May - 05th June, 2013 >More Info

Steve & Jennifer Maceda

May 8th - 17th, 2013 >More Info
Zambia & Malawi

The Kopera Family

2010 >More Info
Zambia & Zimbabwe

Charlie & Daphne’s Expedition

June 2010 >More Info
South Africa & Zambia

Gabe & Rikki’s Adventure

11th - 25th January, 2013 >More Info

Julio & Paulina’s Adventure

02nd - 17th September, 2011 >More Info
South Africa

Jan & Kristin’s Honeymoon

15th August - 2nd September, 2012 >More Info
Kenya & Uganda

Jeff & Correne’s Expedition

21st September - 12th October, 2012 >More Info
Zimbabwe & Botswana

Jose & Zaiton’s Adventure

15th April - 1st May, 2011 >More Info
Kenya & Tanzania

The Ymalay Family Safari

7th - 20th June, 2011 >More Info
Kenya, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe and South Africa

Jack & Alvina’s Adventure

12th September - 24th October, 2011 >More Info

The Blair Family Safari

July 2nd - 5th, 2011 >More Info

The Alveburg Family Mission Trip

December 2011 >More Info
Kenya & Tanzania

The Alveburg Family Safari

28th December 2011 - 08th January 2012 >More Info