Past Trips


Hans & Daisy Kopera

14th November - 10th December, 2014 >More Info

This past year Jackson’s African Safaris took an educational tour development trip in Ethiopia from November 09th through to December 12th, 2013.  Two past clients Hans & Daisy Kopera joined us on 2/3 of this adventure.  The itinerary attached is…

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Kenya, Zambia & South Africa

Caton’s, Wiseman’s & King’s

3rd - 28th September, 2013 >More Info
Sundowners with  Moses Lion Camp (Small)

The Caton’s, Wiseman’s and King’s had a first class experience – this was their feedback!  They started in Kenya, followed by Zambia and ended in South Africa for a walking safari in Northern Kruger!  Everything we told them came to…

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Migration Safari

15th - 25th February, 2014 >More Info

Jackson’s African Safaris wish you all an amazing safari!  It’s countdown time!  This trip travels to Tanzania after the long rains have drawn to a close, and 1.5 million wildebeest & 600,000 Zebra are all giving birth in the Southern…

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South Africa

South Africa

7th - 20th October, 2013 >More Info
Kenya & Zambia

Ray & Kay Christenson’s Safari (x7)

June 8th - 24th, 2013 >More Info

Jodi Shelkie & Marian Oden

February 12th – 26th, 2013 >More Info

Tom & Sharon Wise

28th February - 12th March, 2013 >More Info
Botswana & South Africa

Michael, Mary & Nathaniel

24th May - 05th June, 2013 >More Info

Steve & Jennifer Maceda

May 8th - 17th, 2013 >More Info
Zambia & Malawi

The Kopera Family

2010 >More Info
Zambia & Zimbabwe

Charlie & Daphne’s Expedition

June 2010 >More Info
South Africa & Zambia

Gabe & Rikki’s Adventure

11th - 25th January, 2013 >More Info

Julio & Paulina’s Adventure

02nd - 17th September, 2011 >More Info
South Africa

Jan & Kristin’s Honeymoon

15th August - 2nd September, 2012 >More Info
Kenya & Uganda

Jeff & Correne’s Expedition

21st September - 12th October, 2012 >More Info
Zimbabwe & Botswana

Jose & Zaiton’s Adventure

15th April - 1st May, 2011 >More Info
Kenya & Tanzania

The Ymalay Family Safari

7th - 20th June, 2011 >More Info
Kenya, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe and South Africa

Jack & Alvina’s Adventure

12th September - 24th October, 2011 >More Info

The Blair Family Safari

July 2nd - 5th, 2011 >More Info

The Alveburg Family Mission Trip

December 2011 >More Info
Kenya & Tanzania

The Alveburg Family Safari

28th December 2011 - 08th January 2012 >More Info