How We Prepare You

Jackson's African Safaris preperation information:

Jackson’s African Safaris has a proven procedure used for over 30 years ensuring your 100% ready to depart on your trip of a life time to Africa.

Upon confirmation & agreement of your safari itinerary, we send you;
    1. Invoice for deposit.
    2. Safari registration form.
    3. Registration form requests details about your personal health (allegies, diet, emergency contact details etc) to be shared with your accommodations, guides and support team.
    4. Signing of the Terms & Conditions confirming you understand all the terms of your African adventure booking, and the responsibility you are taking in joining a safari.
    5. Travel insurance information.
    6. Confirmation of rooming list.
      Upon receipt of deposit all clients receive;
      1. Acknowledgment of payment.
      2. Visa requirements discussion.
      3. Health & medical information.
      4. An updated full itinerary.
      5. Country travel tips.
      90 days before departure;
      1. Final invoice for payment sent out and due 75 days before departure in full.
      2. Health & medical follow-up.
      3. Visa application forms if required.
      4. Final payment acknowledgment upon receipt of funds.
      60 days before departure;
      1. Packing list.
      2. Weight restrictions for domestic flights.
      3. Confirmations of 'extras'.  Eg Balloon Safari.
      30 days before departure;
      1. Emergency contact numbers for our African offices 24/7
      2. 3rd world memo
      3. Flight tips
      4. Suggested code of ethics
      5. Tipping guidelines
      6. Finalized and updated itinerary
      7. In the last two weeks prior to departure, we always like to talk with our clients wishing you 'bon voyage' and discussing any last minute details.
      Welcome home documents;
      1. Welcome home letter.
      2. Evaluation form.
      3. Referral form.
      4. A welcome home phone call to discuss your feedback and experience.