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A collection of Zambia images

Welcome to our Zambia gallery; It is our intention that these images give an accurate and honest overview of what you would likely see and experience during a safari in Zambia, based on what choices you make for your adventure. Timothy Jackson contributed the majority of these photographs from his personal collection taken during safaris over the years in Zambia.  We would like to personally thank all the contributors. A special thanks to the Norman Carr Safaris team for their historic black and white images of Norman Carr and all the lodges in Zambia who contributed. I would also like to thank the ‘Focus On Africa’ team for their contributions. Any images where a specific photographer needs to be credited should be noted on the photograph or in the photograph notes. Hold your mouse over the image and information should display. If you feel an image has not been credited in a satisfactory manor, please contact us and support us, in making amendments as necessary. Enjoy your gallery safari!