African Safari Consultation with Professional Guide Timothy Jackson or David Lynn.

Are you planning a trip to Africa?

Before you buy, get a complimentary consultation on the real cost and actual experience for the itinerary you are considering.

We are opening the door for new guests to experience our consultation services, by taking in new clients who are intentional about creating the right trip for them and helping them review their plans to visit Africa, at no cost or commitment. We see this as our way of contributing back to well designed African Safaris, that support endangered species such as Rhino & Elephant, while also assuring your quality of experience and personal safety.

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Here's what we'll give you constructive feedback on:

  • Planning: Our professional safari guide will review your itinerary and give you constructive feedback on the plans.
  • Pricing: We'll look at what you plan to pay and let you know what the actual cost is likely to be.
  • Quality: How do you know if you’ll be booked into a crowded hotel or a quiet oasis? We can tell you and offer recommendations.
  • Safety: Is your safari company fully insured and bonded in Africa? Our clients are and we'll help you make sure you are too.
  • Sustainability: Helping you make educated choices around the environmental impact of your trip.
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What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Tim arranged our honeymoon for us nearly 5 years ago. Every little detail was accounted for. When I had done my online research before hiring Tim, we were overwhelmed by the number of safari camps. Tim was honest on budget and being reasonable about expectations in given price ranges.  I would highly recommend Tim for your safari vacation.
    Kristin McMurtrie Cerny
      Kristin McMurtrie Cerny
  • Timothy worked with us a few years ago to create a two-part African Adventure that our family will never forget. For my extended family, he planned a wonderful and varied safari experience; but I also wanted my own family of 5, including 3 teenage sons, to do something beyond the safari - to stay in and contribute somehow to an African community,... To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the whole concept, however, the two weeks Timothy arranged for us in Malawi turned out to be the most epic and memorable family time ever. Could never have arranged a trip like this without his input!
    Gina Alveberg
      Gina Alveberg
  • Several years ago Timothy arranged a safari in Kenya for me, my four kids and one of the son-in-laws. Our group of six had an excellent time, starting with a brief stay in Nairobi and then visiting three different game camps. Our accommodations and meals were excellent. The game drives had outstanding driver/guides who showed us all the animals of Africa. Timothy is very professional and was a pleasure to work with as we arranged our trip.
    Linwood Johnson
      Linwood Johnson

Consider these important questions when booking your African Safari:

  • Did a professional safari guide custom build your itinerary, detailing all of the costs, who has actually visited the places you wish to go?
  • Do you know exactly how much time you’ll spend driving on the dusty, bumpy roads for your transfers?
  • Are you going to the right location at the right time of the year to maximize your sightseeing potential?
  • How much quality time each day do you have in a Park or Conservancy?
  • Do you know if you’ll be booked into a crowded hotel or a quiet oasis?
  • Do you have to line-up to sightsee or will you have a private viewing?
  • Are you being safely and personally guided throughout your entire trip by a trustworthy, reliable and experienced tour guide, who will ensure every last detail has been scheduled? Or at least KNOW that you have chosen a ROUGHING IT experience on a budget and are going expecting things to not be perfect?
  • Are you and your safari guide fully insured?


If you have answered NO or are unsure about any of these answers, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take just 5 minutes and continue reading to see how you can change all of your answers to YES. 

The answers to these questions can be difficult to discover, especially if you have booked a packaged deal offering ‘Big Discounts’, and they can make or break the dream trip of a lifetime. Before you take advantage of my offer, I’m going to give you one important tip right now. Click the button below to access it.

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Do you know all the costs for your trip?

No matter what deals and discounts you find for your African Safari, don’t be fooled!  There are no ‘sales’ or ‘deals’ in Africa. You will get exactly what you pay for.  Yes, there are some pay for 3 nights, stay for 4, but at the end of the day, what ARE YOU ACTUALLY GETTING?

Here's an example:

"4-Day Lodge/Tent Kruger Safari for €899

Enjoy 4 days in Kruger National Park in an open game vehicle and stay in the comfortable "X" Kruger National Park Lodge. You will do walking safaris and game drives in a small group. This tour is also available in a shorter or longer version!"

Looks like a pretty good deal, yes? Hang on! What’s included?  In most cases it doesn’t include government park fees, conservancy fees, tips, meals, before and after accommodations or flights and transfers from Johannesburg, and maybe perhaps limited km’s per day while on safari, and perhaps in one of the smallest concessions with very little land to explore? Those are all required costs, but they may have been removed them from the price tag to make it look cheap and get your attention - we don't want to use this method to work with you; we want genuine, honest and open discussion.  Let's add up the REAL costs, and be clear on what your signing up for.

One more thing: What do you know about the lodge you’ll be staying in? Do you know how many rooms it has and how busy it usually is? Your tour designer should be able to tell you about the accommodations and how busy they are, and should have certainly have stayed there - otherwise why are you talking to them?  Safari package companies get discounts on their accommodations, but the savings don’t get passed on to you. They simply pack as many people as they can into the same hotel and they get the discount. Watch out for trips that DON'T tell you where you will be staying exactly, or give you several possibilities.

So my first tip for you is this: Don’t get fooled by cheaper looking trips. You’re going to get exactly what you pay for and sometimes you’ll end up paying much more. It’s *crucial* that your safari guide designer & leader is able to itemize all of these possible costs and facts ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect on your trip. This way you can spend more time focusing on the wonderful experience of being in Africa, rather than the unknown costs of your trip.

If you like, show us a copy of your itinerary or one you have been interested in using. It’s completely confidential and we can tell you right off the bat if there are any “red flags” that you should be alerted to before heading off on your trip! Use the form below to get in touch with us.

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Here's my special offer today for you!

Today I am offering a complimentary half-hour consultation of any new trip idea or existing African Safari itinerary. I will review your plans and provide all of these answers to you at no cost.

Timothy Jackson Profile PhotoWhy am I doing this?

Over the last 17 years of our involvement in professional Safaris to Africa, I have heard so many stories from people who planned what was to be their ultimate dream trip - but it turned out to be a disaster. I see people in crowded chain hotels, all waking up at the same time, trying to drive to their wildlife viewing destinations - ALL AT THE SAME TIME! The last place you want to be is in a traffic jam on a dusty, bumpy road in 140 degree weather, OR totally unprepared for a game drive when the temperature is below freezing and now with the wind chill you are far from enjoying yourself, and you thought Africa was always hot! Worse yet, once they get there, there are line-ups of 10-100 other vehicles in the line-up, you just hope to get a chance at viewing the animals – the video you always wanted to take is full of engines stopping and starting and the dust is terrible. All this can be avoided 100%.

I’m offering this consultation because I want to help. I want to help you enjoy your experience, and wish to protect the environment and wildlife in Africa, and support communities in Africa to truly benefit from tourism. And NOW perhaps EACH DAY will be the BEST day. How you invest your money is crucial!

Here's what I have to offer you:

  • We have a lifetime of years of experience providing custom African Safari tours, detailing every detail and all costs. I do this for every single one of my clients, at no extra charge.
  • We know how long it takes to travel in Africa and what roads to take. In fact, I know how to completely avoid driving each morning to the wildlife watching locations if that is what you want, so keep reading!
  • We know which hotels and lodges are located where, and I know where most online Safari tour companies are packaging people into. I know how to avoid these overbooked profit only focused trips, designed NOT for your enjoyment but for leveraging the most money for their own pocket.
  • We book my clients into specific highly-reputable camps, so that when you wake up in the morning you’re already at the sightseeing and wildlife watching location, not driving in the heat with everyone else to get to where you need to be to start your day.
  • We and our partners lead all of the African Safari tours, personally. The person you speak to for your free consultation (David Lynn or Timothy Jackson) can be the same person who is meeting you when your plane lands in Africa, or someone we certainly trust.
  • Our safari company is completely bonded and insured by SATSA & SATIB. Let's make sure you and your family are protected properly as well.

Let us make sure this is really clear:

This consultation is completely complimentary and confidential. No catch, no sharing of your information, no fees, no signup or credit card required. You’re under no obligation to continue speaking with us. I’m simply here to help. If you decide for any reason that you’re now not happy with your current itinerary, I can certainly help you build a custom one personalized just for you.

Please note: this offer is time sensitive for 20 new clients only.  I want to help everyone I can, but I need to continue to dedicate my time to my existing clients, so contact me as soon as possible.

To get started, click the button below.

If you would like to learn more about Jackson’s African Safaris and read more about me, please have a look around our website.

Thank you so much and take care,


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Meet Our Experienced Tour Leaders

Timothy Jackson

Timothy started his love of Africa and nature as a child growing up on a Dairy/sheep farm in rural England. At age 7, Robin & Pat Morgan retired next door to Timothy from Kenya having farmed in the Kenyan Highlands and lead safaris throughout Eastern Africa. This connection started the ‘safari bug’, that has now become a way of life for Timothy and to which he is most thankful.

Read More About Timothy

David Lynn

David was born and raised in the Central African country of Nyasaland – Malawi since 1964.

As a child, David traveled extensively throughout Central and Southern Africa with his parents and was exposed to the African bush from an early age. At the age of fourteen, his parents returned to live in England and on finishing school he could not wait to return to the African continent.

Read More About David