Timothy Jackson

The Safari Expert



Timothy started his love of Africa and nature as a child growing up on a farm in rural England. At age 7, Robin & Pat Morgan retired next door to Timothy from Kenya having farmed in the Kenyan Highlands and lead safaris throughout Eastern Africa. This connection started the ‘safari bug’, that has now become a way of life for Timothy and to which he is most thankful. At age 14, Timothy’s parents moved to British Columbia, Canada. The Morgan’s put Timothy in touch with The Hopcraft family living in BC, who had also moved away from Kenya; John Hopcraft was born and raised on one of many colonial farms from the 1920’s onwards surrounding Lake Nakuru. In the years that followed, John and his wife Sandy worked closely with the World Wildlife Fund, Roger Troy Peterson and others to purchase all the farms around the lake, to then hand this land to the government to be turned into the National Park that it is today. It is these connections that continued to inspire Timothy on his path to this very day.

Timothy has spent 3 years of total time ‘on safari’ over the last 14 years visiting nearly every National Park in Southern and Eastern Africa, as well as visiting hundreds of camps and lodges.  Jackson’s African Safaris is now primarily supported by repeat clients and referrals, contracts with other leading safari companies taking care of their clients, agents needing support in their safari design, and safari operators in Africa requiring support in the creation of their product.

We strongly recommend anyone considering a safari, should work with a consultant who knows the locations, the guides, the vehicles and all the components required to make a successful safari. Don’t work with someone who has not traveled to Africa. We focus on education first; meaning there is no secret in how a safari is priced, we explain this in detail to the client, so any prospective group can feel comfortable knowing what they are getting involved with and feel in control of the outcome.  Trust, integrity and relationship are what make Jackson’s African Safaris the first class tour operator they are today.


Timothy has a background in education, with 8 years teaching in the classroom, where he learnt the art of living a life of life-long learning. Undertaking formal field & trails guide training in South Africa and many cherished expeditions around the world, primarily in Africa, leading his clients and guests, makes for an exciting life. You can contact Timothy directly and his team of consultants where they will happily take care of your safari design under Timothy’s direction.

Jackson’s African Safaris operates in every country in Southern and Eastern Africa. To provide quality service, we have local representation in North America, Canada, Europe and South Africa. Based on your location, we will connect you with our local contact office after receiving your request.

We look forward to working with you in creating memories of a lifetime.

Timothy Jackson