Welcome to Jackson’s African Safaris.  We provide in depth support for the complete design & planning of your dream African safari. We create ultimate safari experiences, from the moment we welcome you, to the time we say our farewells.  Whether you’re looking to undertake a grassroots development volunteer experience, a budget camping safari or looking for an upmarket luxury experience, we have the expertise to turn every safari into a trip of a lifetime!  Quality will never be compromised.  We educate you every step of the way ensuring you understand the choices and decisions to be made and how they will impact your safari experience.  From our experience this really helps to assure a no surprises adventure.

Our business is the result of our passion for Africa and our inherent love of natural and wild places. We live our lives actively seeking integrity, knowledge, truth and trust.  We expect these qualities of you, while we work together.  Creating a trip of a lifetime requires good communication and an investment of time.  We look forward to working with you.  Please contact us using the form to your right.

Kind Regards,
Timothy Jackson

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